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Archive of past Nurses’ Health Studies questionnaires

The chart below contains links to PDFs of all of the questionnaires from the Nurses’ Health Study and Nurses’ Health Study II, beginning with the initial questionnaire in 1976. NHS questionnaires are sent in even years, NHS II in odd years. Two special questionnaires on high school diet and stress were sent in 1998 and 2001 to NHS II participants.

We have two formats for the questionnaire, standard and short. The standard version includes questions on many aspects of lifestyle and on health status. The standard questionnaire is available in a regular-size font (Long questionnaire) and in large print (Booklet version). The shorter version of the questionnaire is mainly focused on health status (Short questionnaire).

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Study Year Questionnaire format Special
NHS II 2023 Long      
NHS 2023 Long      
NHS II 2021 Long      
NHS 2021 Long      
NHS II 2019 Long      
NHS 2019 Long      
NHS II 2017 Long      
NHS 2016 Long Short    
NHS II 2015 Long Short    
NHS 2014 Long Short    
NHS II 2013 Long Short    
NHS 2012 Long Short Booklet  
NHS II 2011 Long Short    
NHS 2010 Long Short Booklet  
NHS II 2009 Long Short    
NHS 2008 Long Short Booklet  
NHS II 2007 Long Short    
NHS 2006 Long Short Booklet  
NHS II 2005 Long Short    
NHS 2004 Long Short Booklet  
NHS II 2003 Long Short    
NHS 2002 Long Short Booklet  
NHS II 2001 Long Short   Mom & Stress
NHS 2001       Mom
NHS 2000 Long Short Booklet  
NHS II 1999 Long Short    
NHS 1998 Long Short Booklet  
NHS II 1998       Diet
NHS II 1997 Long Short    
NHS 1996 Long Short Booklet  
NHS II 1995 Long Short    
NHS 1994 Long Short    
NHS II 1993 Long Short    
NHS 1992 Long Short    
NHS II 1991 Long Short    
NHS 1990 Long Short    
NHS II 1989 Long      
NHS 1988 Long Short    
NHS 1986 Long Short    
NHS 1984 Long Short    
NHS 1982 Long Short    
NHS 1980 Long      
NHS 1978 Long      
NHS 1976 Long      

Use of NHS questionnaires

The questionnaires on this website are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. The content and design of these questionnaires may not be used in any way for commercial purposes without permission. In general, use of the questions for scientific research is allowed. Please cite the webpage with the questionnaire in the published research.

If you intend to use the food frequency questionnaire to collect dietary data that will be processed by our group, please do not use copies from this website; you must obtain forms that can be scanned. For more information, please visit the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's Nutrition Department's download site.